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World class homeopathic treatment at your door step is an online homeopathic clinic which has been designed to promote homeopathic treatment at a global level. We have created special online payment plans for the internet users, making benefits of homeopathy available to millions in different parts of the world.

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You can now access treatment at under the care of Dr. Khurram Ejaz by using the Online treatment protocol. The online protocol is specially designed for those patients who cannot visit the clinic personally. The system ensures that there is no communication gap and all the data required to prescribe is adequately collected and thus the patient gets the same benefit as meeting the Doctor personally.

3 Steps of Online treatment protocol 

Consultation includes Free Registration with and the facility to submit your complete case history for evaluation. As part of the free service; we will evaluate your history and suggest whether it is treatable with Homeopathy or not. If required, we may ask you for further details, necessary for the evaluation.

To begin your email consultation:

Please send me an email/whatsapp for free Registration with the following information:-

Name, email address, mobile no full address including zip or postcode and about your health condition (disease).
Once I receive your initial enquiry, I will send you a questionnaire by email, to fill in and return. This will focus on the information needed about your health problems, but will also request information of a general nature about yourself.

This detailed questionnaire will be followed up with further questions until the appropriate homeopathic treatment can be selected.

Telephone Consultations

If you would like to arrange a telephone consultation, please telephone +923335154361 to arrange a suitable time. 

whatsapp Consultation

If you would like to arrange a whatsapp consultation, “03335154361



Please note that all the information you send will be treated as strictly confidential.

Dr. Khurram Ejaz will study and evaluate your completed case record and suggest possible line of treatment with Homeopathic medicines for you. Make payment to Order Medicine.   I will respond as quickly as possible to your initial query, and will dispatch your treatment within one working day of receiving your payment.

On realization of payment will send you the prescribed medicines where ever you are in the world.



Treatment Plans


Treatment Plans

15 Days

1 months

3 months

6 months


Rs. 1000

Rs. 2000

Rs. 5000

Rs. 9000



Treatment Plans

3 month

6 months

9 months

12 months

  USA / Canada

$ 250

$ 325

$ 425

$ 500

  Europe / Australia

€ 250

€ 300

€ 375

€ 450

  Asia / Africa

$ 175

$ 225

$ 275

$ 350


AED 650

AED 800

AED 1000

AED 1300


                            Online Payment Options

Payment modes For Pakistani Patients: We take 100% payment in advance





  • Khurram Ejaz
  • CNIC #: 37405-0502370-9
  • Mobile Phone: 0333-5154361

Payment mode For Overseas Patients: We take 100% payment in advance




Send money by Western Union

Please call or email to find out the name of the person in whose favours the Western Union money could be sent. After making the said payment, you are supposed to send a 10 digit “Money Transfer Control Number” (MTCN) by email.


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